About us

At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to foster robust partnerships between Indo-German SMEs, creating a synergistic ecosystem where innovation, cultural understanding, and business excellence converge.


Our Values

Establishing long-term international business co-operations with high economic, sustainable and cultural significance.


We prioritize transparent relationships, empowering stakeholders with confidence for enduring connections and shared prosperity. With technological support, we aim to orchestrate transparent business channels for users to engage commercially.


We promote eco-friendly practices, responsible sourcing, and positive impacts on the planet. Therefore, we can digitally accredited enterprises which practise sustainability management solutions and display supply chain transparency in terms of CO2 emissions & human rights.

Fair Trade

Ethical practices uphold the dignity and rights of all parties, creating a level playing field for SMEs and empowering communities. We strive for a distributed value chain and therefore digitally adopt and support the act on Corporate Due Diligence Obligations in Supply Chains.

Our Team

We at GLOBAL GOOD comprises individuals with diverse expertise united in our mission to revolutionize SMEs business relations. With a CEO driving strategic vision, a CTO leading technological innovation, a COO optimizing operations, and a CMO spearheading marketing efforts, we ensure a holistic approach to empowering businesses and fostering growth.

Sagar Kuppast

Sagar Kuppast

CEO and Business Strategist


As CEO, I drive the strategic vision for GLOBAL GOOD and ensure that it aligns with the needs of the market. In addition, I lead the consulting efforts by guiding our clients in building valuable business contacts and relationships.

Tanay Agrawal

Tanay Agrawal

COO and Operational Excellence

As COO, my responsibility is to optimize the day-to-day operations of and ensuring efficiency. Additionally, I play a crucial role in our GLOBAL GOOD consulting services, streamlining processes to help clients forge meaningful business connections.

Jan Schneiker

Jan Schneiker

CMO and Marketing/UX Strategist

In my role as CMO, I lead the marketing activities for GLOBAL GOOD to increase awareness and engagement. For our platform, I focus on developing innovative solutions with added value that positively impact the user experience and meet the needs of our customers.

Stefan Reimann

Stefan Reimann

CTO and Technology Architect

Serving as the CTO, my role is to develop and implement the technological infrastructure of our GLOBAL GOOD platform. I focus on creating innovative solutions that enhance user experience and support our consulting services in connecting businesses.


Join today and grow tomorrow! Together we elaborate new business opportunities and profit from synergie effects.


"Finding the perfect match for your supply chain needs, while making a positive impact globally" – that's GLOBAL GOOD

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